Report ID #: --August22018921pm-mxuto6mmhjpo
Reported: 08.02.18
Ripoffs Reported:
Michael Milam
Mac Arthur , Wv
Telephone: 304 673 5027
Anonymous Webuser
Naoma, Wv

Hires employees works them in cruel conditions then never pays them then terminates them when they ask for their pay Dosnt drug test fingerprint or do background checks when he dos give any of them pay its a city national check of his own not a pay role then has them work longer hrs like he is a legitimate employer then wont pay wont answer their calls anyone thinking of employment thru them look on beckley topix page and look at his license page he dosnt have a state one making him a state business search his name on google read his reviews hes a fraudulent company he gets paid big money to guard businesses hires you then you work while hes at home with the money then when your 2 weeks are nearly up he gets a new skape goat and your nonexistent he never hired you he claims if he cant replace you as fast as he needs to he will give you a city national check and lie like the normal payroll one is late and he will get you a pay stub asap then you wont nevet get paid again he will leave you as employed for awhile to get a w2 sent to you for his irs sakes it will tell you what you should of earned. But he kept he wont set up the classes he wont give you a uniform he is a fraud
Desired Outcome:

Shut him down you have a 5 yr grace period if you have workef for him in the past with wv labor board email them call attorney mike frobel he will take your case Shut NightHawk security down